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Automate and optimize workflows and processes to accelerate enterprise transformation with DXC and ServiceNow.

Transform work at scale and position for growth

DXC and ServiceNow work together to provide industry-specific, pervasive workflows. Our IT modernization approach drives greater operational resilience, accelerating your business transformation to deliver better employee and customer experiences and increased returns on investment.

14+ years as the leading ServiceNow Ecosystem Partner

1,400+ ServiceNow certified resources

4,000+ ServiceNow customer deployments

340+ instances managed globally



Simplify and streamline procurement operations to improve performance, increase controls and compliance, reduce cycle time, increase efficiency and visibility, and reduce transaction costs.

Intelligent customer experience

Ensure you are meaningfully engaging with customers by bringing together advisory, technology and workforce capabilities that enhance the customer experience and reduce costs.  To find out where you are on the customer experience journey, take our assessment.

Supply chain

Improve efficiency and visibility across the supply chain, unlocking the full potential of your supply chain ecosystem.


Streamline and optimize your enterprise finances to deliver value-based outcomes that extend beyond core financial capabilities.

Human experience management

Accelerate the modern workforce with Human Experience Management Solutions that connect your employees to your business goals and facilitate new system capabilities.

Modern ERP

Move any ERP solution to a modern landscape. Our proven approach, expertise and tools empower the digitally engineered enterprise to realize the benefits of digital transformation platforms.

Intelligent asset management

Access information more easily than ever before and leverage the competitive advantage of relying on us to manage your asset life cycle, operations and regulatory compliance.

Managed services

Reduce operating cost, increase service quality, and accelerate time to value through DXC’s digital IT operations management platform. Your enterprise applications run program will leverage DXC’s standard processes and delivery model based on industry standards that are enhanced through automation, analytics and AI/ML to maximize your IT investments.

Operational resilience

Disruption to services, systems and processes will occur, but with DXC organizations have the ability to continuously respond, recover, prevent, and most importantly learn and adapt from service disruption.  DXC has developed a holistic framework to effectively manage risk.

DXC ServiceNow Strategic Business Group

Drive the highest business impact from your Now platform. Streamline your service-centric operations, and keep your IT environments in top form, while increasing customer loyalty and improving employee experience.

The consolidation of existing and new facility management capabilities to a new platform was a crucial part of our business transformation. DXC’s CIR application allowed us to reduce costs by rationalizing the global application landscape, standardize our processes and increase employee efficiency with automation.

Galo Gilarranz Vicente

Real Estate, General Services and Security
Banco Santander

City of Milan

Public Sector

City of Milan

DXC and ServiceNow improve delivery of medical supplies for City of Milan during crisis.
Uniper video



DXC helped energy firm Uniper modernize with a wide array of services including cloud and security services, workplace services, application management and robotic process automation.



Nordex raised global workplace safety with DXC HSE Management Suite, application development, Corporate Incident Response, analytics and a central workflow Now Platform.

Cultivating data instinct in the digital enterprise

Even the best-intentioned and well-planned digital transformation effort can fall short if the employees in the trenches aren’t completely on board. (6 minute read)
operational resilience

A 12-point framework for operational resilience

A new approach minimizes risk from business disruptions by anticipating events.
Automation surrounded by buttons with icons

Prioritizing IT automation: A four-step approach

With the right platform, you can accelerate IT modernization to drive much more value within your organization.